Undo only a chosen operation in "Edit history" and "MixConsole history"

right now we only can undo a block of operations. So in these examples to undo operation Nr. 4 I also need to undo operation Nr. 5+6 and then redo 5+6 if I liked what I did there.


It would be great if we could pick freely, which operations we want to undo.
When mixing it happens, that I have changed a certain setting on a plugin, and as mixing goes on, an hour later I find, that I liked it better, how it was before.

So basically I have to undo 1 hour of work, to get the settings of that specific track back, just to redo everything else manually.


Yep, the history as it is now especially in the mix console is not extremely useful, would be cool if we could undo say all the plugin settings we did ij history steps 41-49 (or any range).
For specific plugin settings it can be helpful to make use of the A and B settings more often.


Nuendo has Undo Branches, I suppose this is one of the specific Nuendo features that differentiates it from Cubase.

I already do that, but that messes a bit with the mixconsole history as well, so you need to be aware of that.

@Tj99 I totally support this + Redo same freely picking in grey part.
An may be some consistency check blocking destructive decisions.

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@fese @csurieux would be nice if you could support it with a vote if you have any left :slight_smile:

Done, please give a look to my recent Preview Bus to Control Room proposal :wink:

Sorry, none left :frowning:

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This would be awesome. Yes! +1