Undo Redo for 3rd party instruments


I am in a trial period of Cubase 11 Pro and I can not find a way to undo/redo changes I make to virtual instrument like Serum or Omnisphere.
For example, when I move a knob in Serum, I would expect it to revert back to previous position after undo command is triggered.
That doesn’t happen for me and I don’t see changes I make to VST instruments written in the “Edit/History…”. The most Cubase does for me is storing information about loading/unloading instrument from a track.

I must note that for VST effects this is not the case - undo/redo works properly through Mix Console undo/redo history.

Thank you for helping me out!


I’m afraid this is not possible. The Undo would need to be handled within the VSTi.

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