Undo redo independent history log and more

Hello, is there this feature in Cubase ? Sometimes i delete tracks by mistake and I only discover them recently, and when I go back undo , many settings disappear, and sometimes when doing automation and clearing the track completely, when i bring the track from pool it is tiring to reformat it again

-Also, when will I be able to add more than 4CUES ? in the studio one and other DAWS unlimit CUES

-improve the menus, such as those in Wavelab, that are tidy, organized, and have a unified form?
The cubase still have menus in it like a maze every time i forget to remember where the settings for specific thing …
and its design is old and Incompatable

-why when i close the cubase there is another window i should close it twice

Why is the design not unified as the design of the new plugins like Imager, supervision please redesign some button better GUI

more resizable windows and the menu especially this area next to the track, I see that it takes up a space

Last but not least, these are just personal opinions and I do not want to impose them on you if you do not agree with me on them

I would like to see these modifications and see that they will contribute to the quality of the program and facilitate its use and make its design nicer and simpler, especially the log history

If there are settings I don’t know, please let me know. Greetings

hello … can any one answer me if we have in cubase same project history independent log

Because the first thing you close is the Project window, and the second is Cubase.

Of course I know, but it’s annoying

Thanks for your reply brother