Undo/Redo issue under macOS 10.14.6

Dear users and developers.

Dorico 3.10. seems not to follow the workflow.
When undoing by pressing CMD+Z, it executes what I did much earlier.
Has anyone experienced it?
I realised it yesterday, and I cannot find the reason.
Is a video recording required?

What I have discovered is that Copy and Paste are not included in Undo and Redo.
Regretfully, I cannot find any reproducible sequences, and I am not sure it occurs in macOS or in Dorico.

Dear prko,
Which copy and paste are you talking about ? If it’s copy and paste syllables of lyrics in the lyrics popover, I’m afraid this has already been reported and is due to the different “copy channel” Dorico has to use to be able to paste one syllable at a time, and it is quite complicated when you don’t paste a syllable where you want it because you simply cannot undo.
If you remember some circumstances of the issue you have, it should be helpful, and maybe other users have experienced it.

What I mean is copy and paste of “notes”, “dynamic” etc, but it is not related to lyrics.
I am not sure if it is related to Dorico or macOS.

Paste is certainly undoable and redoable. Copy, on the other hand, is not undoable, so if you copy something to the clipboard, then undo, the thing you copied to the clipboard will still be on the clipboard. As far as I know all applications work this way.

There is no general problem with copying and pasting and undo with Dorico. If you can pin down the circumstances of what you’re seeing a little more, we are of course happy to look into the problem further.

What I have just experience is as follows:

  1. selecting three rest at the first beat on the same bar on different staves: trombone 1, 2 and 3.
  2. changing the rest value from crotchet rest to minim rest by pressing 7.
  3. undoing.

I expect that the three minim rests are back to the crotchet rests, but they are not back, and I do not know what has been happened by this undo.

additional info:
it occurred after revoking the laptop from sleeping. I had not quitted Dorico before letting the laptop sleep.

Can you make in some way that is reproducible in a project?

No. it is now a problem…
What I can now is recording screenshot for hours and editing it after this oddness occurs. However, I can do this after some days. I must now concentrate on a new composition. sorry.

I am very sure Dorico does not know what I did.
I can not undo.
Very often, the followings occur:

  1. Selecting some notes
  2. Deleting them
  3. Undo
  4. Dorico does not recover what I deleted.
  5. Look at the Menu.
  6. There is no “Delete”.
  7. Execute more undo and redo to see it.
  8. I only see step input, and so on.

What could be the problem?

Unfortunately I have no idea. We are not aware of any bugs like this in the software, and nor is it something that we have seen reported. If you can provide some more information we will of course look into the problems.

Having the same problem with Dorico Pro 3, version (Oct 7 2019). Both Undo and Redo are producing a mess, specifically when I’m using the “Repeat” function, but also other times. A couple times this morning, I’ve undone note input, and my cursor jumps to some unrelated place in the flow.
I’m on a Windows 10 laptop.

If you can provide a reproducible case where doing something, then undoing it doesn’t do the right thing, please let us know. Obviously when you save the project the undo stack is not preserved, so you’ll need to provide the project together with the steps needed to make the edit and then undo it to reproduce the problem.

Today, I experienced it again with another project file.
What I can submit is a video screenshot which I record after the problem occurs.
I also can send you the project files.
Will these be helpful for you?

Post the video on YouTube or upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox and post it here.

In the following videos, you will see that "UNDO’ does not work.


I have been working using Dorico over 10 hours today, and I had dinner. The laptop was showing a screen saver when I was back to work.
I entered my password to unlock the screen and checked shortly some Facebook messages.
Then I have realised that undo is not working.
As you see, I lost all of my works of past some minutes when “undo” does not correctly work.

Your video shows that undo is working, because some further edits going off the left-hand side of the screen on the bottom visible staff are being undone. However, it appears that one edit in particular, which was either cut or delete, I’m not sure which, wasn’t being undone correctly.


  • After deleting some items, users can undelete the deleted items by undoing.

  • After cutting some items, users can restore the cut items by undoing.

However, Dorico does not occasionally do. The only way is restarting Dorico.

I never experienced such odd behaviour previously.

“UNDO” of Dorico 3 seems to be unreliable. I am not only the one who has experienced the problem.

Arron Powell in this thread and two more users in the following threads:

The problem is it is not reproducible.

Undo issue occurs also under macOS 10.15.2.

At this time, the followings occur:

  1. Moving the position of an item by pressing ALT + ARROW key
  2. Pressing CMD + X after selecting bars from 345 to 451.
  3. Realising some items not cut.
  4. Pressing CMD + Z.
  5. The cut items in step 2 are not restored.
  6. Pressing CMD + Z once again.
  7. What I had done in Step 1 was restored.