Undo/Redo selecting and deselecting

Hello! I think it would be nice to have the ability to undo the selection operation, at least in MIDI Editors, such as Key Editor, List Editor, Score Editor, etc.

Example of usage: when editing intense and long midi part sometimes you need to manually select a big number of notes to manipulate its velocities, transpose, copy, or other actions. Say you are almost at the end of this process, just released Shift or Ctrl key and accidentally click somewhere on empty space and immediately lost all of your progress. It’s nice to have an opportunity to just press Ctrl Z and simply bring back all your selection.

Yes!! 100% on this. Same applies to the track selection overall… I often have several MIDI channels selected for recording (thanks to Divisimate) and Cubase suddenly decides to only select a single track in record stop. Being able to go back to the last selection would be a huge time saver in this case as well…