Undo repositions playhead many bars away from the undo location

When I enter a note or chord, if it’s wrong I click Undo or CMD-Z to fix it, I expect the playhead to stay in position where I was entering that chord or note. Instead it repositions to some bar far away from where I’m working. This is super annoying/distracting. Is this expected behavior? Am I doing something wrong?

Do you mean:

  1. the playhead (the green vertical line, this is only shown if you playback, unless you make it visible when stopped in Preferences/Play/)
  2. the caret (the orange line with the grid) user for inputting notes etc.?

Can you post a short video showing the unwanted behavior?

Great, it’s not doing it now when I try to reproduce what I did before. I’ll let you know next time I catch it in the act :joy: It happened many times in a row and was repeatable, now it isn’t. (Yes I did mean the playhead, the vertical green line, yes I had enabled the option to show the playhead when stopped.)

I select a couple notes and hit S for slur. Then my Sibelius reflex kicks in to extend the slur by hitting spacebar. This is when the score starts playing from about half a dozen bars ahead. It makes sense that spacebar starts Dorico playing again. Why it jumps ahead is a mystery.
This problem is no big deal. I just gotta stop hitting spacebar to extend a slur.

Spacebar generally resumes playback from where playback left off, IIRC.