Undo (Reset) Automatic Quatize

Does the Automatic Quantize UNDO not work in Cubase 6 anymore?

Well…the “Undo Quatize” seems to be gone and now replaced by the “Reset Quantize” (in the Quantize Panel)…But this does not apply to the notes that have been quantized automatically during recording (when the “Auto-Q” is on). Unless I am missing something?

Am I perhaps the only one missing this function?


I have my “U” key bound to “Reset Quantize” and that seems to work fine, even for stuff that was auto quantized during recording (?)

Thank you…yeah, it works on a empty project/template. In my big template it didn’t. That project is probably corrupted. Anyways - good news, thanks!

Yep I am looking for the undo quantize and this is frustrating unless they have it hidden