Undo select all bug

Ever so often, after I do way too many things too fast in Dorico I get an odd bug where pressing Command-Z (undo) gets me Command-A (Select All) instead. Restarting the programme solves the problem, but I wonder if this happens to anyone else.


Since 4.0 I have had several totally different commands result in a Select All, with the same solution – quit and relaunch. It hasn’t happened to me in the last few weeks, but that could just be because I’m behaving myself. I’m on 4.1.10 on Mac.

We are aware of this intermittent problem and are trying to reproduce it reliably so that we can fix it. We believe it is possibly related to the intermittent crash that some Mac users experience when switching mode in the Dorico project window, which is also ultimately concerned with updating menus and shortcuts. These are among the most stubborn and mysterious bugs we’ve encountered in the whole time we have been developing Dorico, and unfortunately at the moment we don’t have a solution for either. We continue to work on them.

I’ve encountered Select-All a few times after doing something (probably too quickly) which included a Save and then pressing Command-Shift-W to close the project. If it happens to me again I’ll try to remember what the previous few actions were in case there is a particular sequence of commands which is more likely to trigger this “interesting” behaviour.

Thank you for being upfront about this bug! It’s helpful to know.
I guess the fact that both @StevenJones01 and I remark that we’re doing things too quickly may be a factor in how the programme responds… I wonder if speed of work here is something of a factor.

I also sometimes see this.

This bug hit me again yesterday. Was this fixed in 4.2?

Yes and no. See Seriously Dangerous Bug - #15 by dspreadbury

Thanks, Pianoleo!

I have this happen also.