Undo suddenly stops working

I’m still trying to find a common factor here but I’ve noticed that at certain points, Undo will cease to function. Meaning nothing is being added to the undo history. It doesn’t just stop adding however, the entire history is missing. Option is greyed out. Something that always happens at the same time is I’m unable to select any track automation points for editing. I think it happens more often when I’m switching between two active projects but I’ve seen the same behavior after just working for some time on a single project. Restarting the app solves the issue. I have one colleague who is reporting the same bug.

I get this bug often as well. It usually co-incides with my automation system locking up. When it happens, autosave also stops functioning as well, so it’s a real bear.

It’s some kind of silent crash. I have no idea how to reproduce it. It seems to happen on big, memory hungry projects after a couple hours have passed.

I have had the same issue twice. No idea what triggered it. I’m on a mac.

I have run into a lot of issue with having two projects open and switching with the Active Project lightning button. Most often Cubase just becomes unresponsive and I need to force close it. I did not further investigate it, I just stopped opening more than one project at a time.

Did you find a solution? Having the same issue.

Nope! Still happens in 13, though it’s only happened once so far.

Usually only happens after I’ve opened a second session without exiting the program. I think that’s the reason this bug has persisted for so long.

I’m finding that it happens only when switching between large enough projects. Small sessions don’t trigger the behavior. Even one large project and an empty one will trigger it.

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I’d love if someone would help us get to the bottom of this. It’s the nastiest crash because it also disables autosave, and depending on how long it lasts after the silent crash you will lose ALL of your work til that point.

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