Undo triggered accidentally when 3 note chord is played

Hi there,

I just installed Cubasis 3 on my new iPad Pro M2 and ran over a pretty peculiar problem.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a new track and load your instrument or AUV3 of choice
  2. Delete said track
  3. Create a new track with a completely new instrument and a different AUV3 than before
  4. open the on-screen piano
  5. Play a three note chord with three fingers in a quick succession
  6. You will notice the ios undo/redo overlay appear and the instrument you loaded disappears and is replaced with the previous instrument you loaded

Video of the issue:

Playing a three-note chord riff makes weird stuff in cubasis and potentially deletes your work.

Can this be fixed?

After further testing and working in the app I have to add that the actual “Undo” functionality can’t be reliably triggered with multi finger gestures at all. Only when playing on the on-screen piano.

For example, if I copy/paste a part and I want to undo it, tapping the three-finger gesture doesn’t undo it and it does nothing.

Hi @dreikelvin,

Thanks for your message and report.

The issue is planned to be resolved in the upcoming Cubasis update (which still might take a while until being ready to be released).


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