Undo Visibility Issues when used multiple times rapidly

I set up two commands:

  1. Hide Muted tracks
  2. Undo Visibility

It doesn’t meter whether I trigger those 2 buttons with shortcuts or midi controller, I noticed that hiding and unhiding tracks works perfectly fine only once. If I try switching those buttons several times in a row it stops working.

Is it just me or maybe it’s a bug that needs to be fixed??

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Sorry, I don’t understand your description. If I follow your description then

  • I press Undo Visibility once
    → The Visibility is undone.
    => The Undo Visibility becomes disabled, because there is no more task to undo. All visibilities were undone already.

Sorry for a vague description.

  1. Press a key “hide muted tracks”
  2. Press a key “undo visibility”
  3. Press a key “hide muted tracks” again
  4. Press a key “undo visibility”
  5. Press a key “hide muted tracks” again
  6. Press a key “undo visibility”

If you do it quickly several times in a row it breaks.

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I can reproduce and confirm this. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.