Undo while recording not working

Hi there,
can we please have Undo while recording back?
I’m used to use the preroll time to edit my last recording for a fast workflow (cropping, fades).
Thats possible to do, but if I do something wrong I can’t undo it and I’m getting problems to undo it after the recording.
It has gone somewhere in the C5 updates.

Cheers, Matze!

Can anybody confirm this?
I see no reason, why this should be by design.
So in my opinion it is a bug and it annoys me (just a little bit).

Fixing this would make this amazing software even a little better.

Thanks, Matze1


Works fine here in 553

Record audio on track 1
Record on track 2
While in preroll, resize event on track 1
Undo does undo the resize

This no longer works in v6?


I too miss being able to edit and undo while recording. It was particularly useful when recording long sessions and works flawlessly in SX3. I skipped C4 so I’m not sure whether it worked in 4 but as far as I remember disapeared with C5.

Around the same time save times became longer and locked up the interface while saving. I miss the old behaviour but have become used to the way it is.

Doesn’t work in C4.