Undo & Zoom

Is there a preference setting for whether the window zoom changes with Undo’s?

Currently, as I undo a series of changes, the window zoom apparently reverts to whatever zoom setting was present at each previous action. I don’t wish this. I want the view to remain unchanged so I can see changes, at the location of interested, as actions are undone/redone.

Yes. The setting for this is in the edit menu. I usually keep it turned off. See the attached image.

thanks jperkinski. That’s been driving me crazy. Should have thought there would be an option, because there usually is.

I learned this myself the hard way after an OS reinstall or something. I didn’t even know it was an option/preference until it was working against me.

Of the handful of DAWs I use, none of them seem to offer this option so I find it very unique. I can see how it would be useful in some situations but I would be in favor of having it turned off by default.

The thing with Wavelab in general is that all the preferences are scattered around in various menus and sections. It would be great if there was also a central location to manage all possible preferences.

I’m sure if all preferences were visible in one concise area, I’d find some useful ones that I didn’t know existed.

Muchas gracias!

It is cool that one can choose either state. However, there is sooooo much flexibility in WL now, that one feels like they are being sabotaged half the time! I agree, a central preference window/page would be helpful. As it is now, various preferences are scattered among different pull downs and workspaces; organization is difficult to control and keep track of.