Undocumented behaviour? - colouring comments

Is this undocumented behaviour?
I discovered it more or less by accident.

Normally when a comment is added, it shows as a “think bubble” with its border having a pale mauve/pink/purple type of colour which changes to a much darker shade when it is selected.

It is possible to change that colour using the Color property in the Common section of the Properties panel. In my case I chose a vivid green, which stands out from the page more than the default, making it much easier to notice when doing a visual check for comments. Of course, this is in addition to clicking the Comments icon in the right panel.

Interestingly, once a comment’s colour has been changed, when selected it changes to the default “Selected items” colour of orange until it is de-selected. Also, if the comment is double-clicked (or opened from the right panel), whether the comment is edited or not the colour reverts to the original mauve/pink/purple when it is closed by clicking the OK button. Clicking Cancel does not change the colour. The changed colour survives a save and re-open of the project.

In Preferences, there appears to be no way to set a default colour for comments.
One can always use Select All then Edit > Filter > Comments to select all comments and then change the colour in the Properties panel but, as mentioned, the colour for a selected comment reverts to default when going through the editing procedure for that comment.

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