Undoing Remove Rests on whole score


by accident I removed all rests on my score, via the option in the edit menu.
I just saw that every rest got removed and also in all the individual voices.
Read in one post to undo it via the properties panel, but this is really tedious. Is there a fast way to get the rests back in the whole score?
Thanks in advance!

You have to. But you can do it quickly…

Try select all and filter>notes and chords, then deselect things like tuplets and grace notes until the notes and rests properties tab appears. Then you can reset all the starts/end voice switches in one go.


Janus, this is exactly my standard procedure after having imported an xml file.
Yet it will sometimes leave me with some rests missing. There are actually rests with the property to end the voice…
I have not found a way to filter further down to get those “end voice” rests and the property panel to pop up. So my procedure so far is, I’ll do it manually; I filter all rests and then check visually, if there are any incomplete bars.

[edit] I am just thinking, may be after filtering all rests, I would just have to hit Delete to get rid of the explicit rests?

It would likely save you some time to go to Dorico Preferences> MusicXML Import and turn off the option for Rest Visibility before importing your MusicXML file.