Undoing "remove rests" -- previous suggestion does not work

See below.
Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 11.17.22 AM

There is no “ends voice” checked as is previously suggested in other posts…I’ve explored this with all of the pitches in that bar.

Furthermore, this wouldn’t be as much of an issue if “remove rests” worked correctly, and only removed the rests that were selected. It seems to remove any rests within the time frame of the selection, even if those specific rests weren’t actually selected.

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I’m cleaning up a MIDI part, btw, so this could be partly why this is happening.

Splitting the hands into voices and then using M to send the LH to the Bass clef is actually what’s causing the rests to not appear. I then have to individually click the rest as well, and click M.

But then what happens is the rests’ voices get swapped, like so:

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 11.29.04 AM

The logic of this is infuriating…I’m not sure why it’s not creating the rest when I convert the bottom chord into a new voice. I’m also not sure why it’s not auto-populating the rests when moving a 2nd voice to a new clef.

If I want to re-enter a rest, why can’t I just do it using NOTE INPUT?

M creates a cross stave note. To move the notes use alt-M

M and N do not actually move the notes to the other staff, they are only displayed there, while still belonging to the original voice in the original staff (you can see the colour doesn’t change). Having a voice wander into the neighbouring staff is quite normal in two-staff music, of course, but not what you need if you still have to separate the hands in a MIDI stream. I’d suggest using Alt-M/N, which actually moves the selection to a different voice in the other staff (voice colour will change and rests will appear as expected).
Also try adjusting the MIDI import settings to specify a more suitable splitting point. I’m not familiar with MIDI import that much, but there are many threads about it in this forum, and plenty of fellow forum dwellers who could assist you with it, if necessary.
(Janus is faster and more concise… oh well)