Uneccesary endpoint are being set up on reopening

My Playback template has one endpoint for wood, one for brass and one for strings. Each instrument are sendt through different MIDI ports on the same endpoint.

The Strings I have set up with two instruments each for divisi, one playing Berlin Strings, the other one LASS 3. They all are one the same Endpoint, Berlin on port 1-5 and LASS on 6-10.

When I close and open it looks like this:

The original endpoint looks like this and duplicated with different errors :

What is wrong?

Simply by closing and reopening your project, Dorico loads four more instances of VE Pro? If you reapply the playback template, how many instances of VE Pro do you have?

Yes, go to Silence then reapply, restart, anything created all those instances. I found the solution, though! The playback template had the SoundPerformer Endpoint (that I used temporarily for Perc) before the String Endpoint, and must somehow has started assigning the strings to Np, I guess.

I now have made a quick Perc Endpoint, and placed the NP one at the bottom, With family overrides for percussion and strings.

I am hoping for a feature where you can assign endpoints in the mixer (as in choosing instruments in Logic for instance).

Now it’s a lot of clickety-clicking to get the job done (as in reassigning all those Midi Ports :wink: )
(Mainly because changing midi port in the track inspector has a lag, and the easiest is to click select instrument (no arrow action (yet?)) select Port, type port #, press Enter, wait … and then repeat.