Uneven Dynamics in playback and the Automation Lane

Good day!

I’m having an issue with uneven dynamics during playback. I think I’m on the right track in fixing the problem but I’m not there yet. Obviously I’m learning about the piano roll here and what it can do.

Here’s the issue: I’m using the Solo Pipe Worship sound in HALion Sonic SE. In a new file, I entered the organ notes, voice by voice, using the midi record function. Dynamics were not playing back at all, so I learned I could click the Endpoint Setup button under the VST instruments, and under the organ, change “default” to “C11 dynamics”. Great so far. The dynamics now playback, however they were really uneven, up and down and sounded terrible.

I was fiddling around in play mode and discovered the automation lane. Midi CC was set at “Midi Pitch Bend.” I changed it to “CC11”, same as the Endpoint button. Then I saw this:

As you can see - the Midi CC information is up and down, similar to what I was hearing. I thought if I could smooth all those lines out it might fix the problem. I did smooth out the lines with the line tool but that actually took away all the dynamics. Now the playback is all at one volume.

Am I on the right track here? What do I need to do the make the dynamics sound steady and constant? I thought this might have something to do with the velocity of the notes while I recorded them? But the velocity track shows everything at 100%. So what is going on here? How can I fix it and is there someway to avoid this issue in the future?

Please let me know if the Subject title of this post best describes my issue here.

Many thanks.

The bumps you were seeing in CC11 are the result of humanization, I believe (varying the dynamic within the set percentage to produce a more realistic effect). If you don’t want that, you can decrease your humanization percentage in Play>Playback Options>Dynamics>Humanize. This affects the whole project.

Thank you Lilly. I decreased Humanization to 0%. The dynamic balance is a little better but you can see the lines are still all up and down, just not quite as much. The sound is only a little better but still noticeably bad. Why is it different from the dynamics lane?

It looks like those regular variations are coming from Play / Playback Options / Dynamics / Beat Stress.

Set them to 0% if you don’t want them.

Perfect! Now the CC11 line matches the dynamics lane and the sound is even. Thank you so much.