uneven hairpin heights

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering why adjacent hairpins are treated differently in terms of height, as seen in the attached image.

Is this an intentional engraving idiom, or should they be exactly the same height? Any way to make them equal?

Thanks - this is a very small issue, I realize… just more of a curiosity since I can’t think of why this would be the default behaviour.

Not sure why they’re like that, but select them both and Dynamic—Group Dynamic.

Do they both cover the same rhythmic duration (i.e. is the second one shorter in time than the first)? That might be part of it.

You can adjust the height of the aperture in Engrave mode.

The aperture of a hairpin is scaled between the value of ‘Minimum hairpin aperture’ (1 space by default) and ‘Maximum hairpin aperture’ (1 1/2 spaces by default) for hairpins between 8 and 36 spaces in length. These options are found in the Advanced Options sub-section of the Gradual Dynamics section of the Dynamics page of Engraving Options.

Thanks Daniel, Lillie, and Dan!

Daniel’s recommendation of changing the min/max values in the Advanced Options was all it needed. I changed the minimum and maximum to the same value (I split the difference and chose 1 1/4 for both) and everything looks WAY better now! I wasn’t aware that this was an intentional scaling based on hairpin length, but that makes perfect sense in retrospect.