Unexpected behavior when importing Page Template Set from another file

I have a page template for the first page that looks something like this:


I exported it like this:

And loaded it in another file:


Now I selected it in the “Page Templates” dropdown:


But it doesn’t look right, seems like the text frames are squished:


Is this a bug? Or did I miss something? If it’s a bug - is there a workaround?

Page Templates handle the position and size of text frames, music frames and graphics frames on the page. They don’t handle the size of the page or the page margins, or any other settings.

The classic trap here is how these frames are constrained (select each one and look at the padlocks in the left side of the template editor) - if you need templates to work across multiple page sizes then each frame needs to only be constrained to one vertical and one horizontal (e.g. top and left, top and right, bottom and left or bottom and right).

It looks to me as though your frames are constrained to both bottom and top margins, meaning that the top of each frame is a set distance from the top page margin and the bottom of each frame is a set distance from the bottom page margin. As “Let’s Bring Home the Bacon!” has taller page margins than “You’ll Be Fine”, though presumably uses the same page size, the frames are getting vertically squished.

The solution is to only constrain each frame to one vertical and one horizontal, e.g. the Layout Name should be constrained to top and left, with an explicit height and width (set in the properties panel), the Song Number should be constrained to top and right, the title should be constrained to top, left and right etc.

edit: Alternatively use the Library Manager (on the Library menu) to compare the Layout Options across the two projects and to then selectively or in bulk bring in the settings so that they match.

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