unexpected behavior

I was preparing master pages and added text frames with two different defined texts: Title and Subtitle. I added the text as placeholders for future text. I prefer to have the text adjusted to “Top” and always set text frames to this setting as the first thing. But every time I added the placeholders the setting went back to default “Center”. I think it is wrong, and believe that the settings should be kept even when new text types are added.

By the way - is it possible to change the default to “top” globally?

This is a bug, I’m afraid, which is on our list to be fixed: the vertical alignment shouldn’t be lost when you edit the text in those frames.

Will such bugs be fixed in a 1.2.xxx version or willl we have to wait for version 2?

We do not anticipate there being any further free maintenance releases to Dorico 1.x.

How are you setting vertical alignment (justification) on text frames? I wasn’t aware that this could be done in Dorico, but it would be extremely useful — right now I’m lining things up manually.

Just found it — in the Properties for any text frame. Can’t believe I didn’t notice this before — this will save me a huge amount of time.