Unexpected behaviour - multistaff input to grand staff

I was inputting a run of semiquavers into a harp staff, for trial purposes. What I expected was for the run from C5 to C3 to continue into the bass staff at the split point, C4, i.e. on the third beat of the 4/4 measure. What I got was the continuation starting at the first beat of the measure directly below the previously entered treble-clef notes.

Is that working as it should? I note that in the video the chords being entered are homophonic.

Provided you have the caret extended across both staves of the harp, you should find that the notes are placed on the upper or lower staff according to the split point specified in Preferences. Perhaps you’re starting with the caret only on one of the two staves, rather than spanning both?

Tick, caret extended. About the split point, though, I’m open to confusion because I’ve noticed that whenever I start working on expression maps I’m resetting middle C to C4 to make working with VSL instruments simpler.

Dorico also thinks of middle C as C4. You can specify whether middle C is labeled as C4 in the Expression Maps and Percussion Maps dialog, but when it comes to note input, Dorico always thinks of middle C as C4.