Unexpected behaviour when entering dynamics with the caret

Let’s say I want to input this:

(In this scenario, the notes are already there.)
I activate the caret on the first note, type Shift+D<Enter then hit Space until the hairpin is one bar long. Then I advance the caret with the right arrow key until it is at the third note. The hairpin does not grow further:

With the caret in this position, Shift+DPEnter gives the following:

To achieve the desired result, I’d have to de- and re-activate the caret, or move it to another staff and back. What am I missing here? Is there a setting somewhere that affects this?

Choose the first (whole) note and enter SHIFT + D + < + ENTER
Select the third whole note and enter SHIFT + D + P + ENTER

Don’t try to do it all in one popover.

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You do have a knack for not answering my actual question, don’t you? Imagine for a second that I’ve been using this software professionally for seven years, that I made up this example to be as simple as possible, and that I know about the obvious answers. Thank you.

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By the time you press the arrow keys to advance, you have already lost the advantage of fewer keypresses.

If you wanted a specific solution, show an actual problem that demands the more complex solution you are looking for.

Fine. Let me rephrase my ACTUAL question, as unambiguously as possible:
In the above scenario, why does the p not appear at the location of the caret?

Presumably the arrow keys used to move the caret have no effect on the spacing of the popover parsing. Perhaps @dspreadbury will comment when he has time.

That is a bit curious. If you stop the cresc hairpin with the designed ? key command and advance the caret (either using Space or arrow keys) through the second bar, the p dynamic ends up where you expect it.

Answering why your method results in unexpected piano placement, I’m not equipped to answer I’m afraid.

(PS as an experienced user you might already be aware, but for hairpins, you don’t need to open the popover: a simple Shift-, and Shift-. will suffice, ie the keys required to produce the < and > characters.)

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Another observation: if you type Shift-/ (?) after inputting the hairpin - even if you’ve used Space to give the hairpin length - the p ends up where you expect it.

Yes, of course. :slight_smile: Again, this was an overly simplified example to try and isolate the issue, but that seems to have backfired.

No not at all, sorry that we’re a bunch of detailed-oriented people perhaps a bit too eager to help!

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