Unexpected behaviour when rearranging order of flows?

Hi, I have a project with a few different flows, some of them with altered frame setups, i.e. an extra music frame at the bottom of the page, used to separate the coda bars from the rest of the piece.

When re-arranging the order of flows (in Setup window), the formatting/setup doesn’t follow the moved flow to its new slot/location, but remains in its original slot/location

The song in flow number three; “The Two Framed Song”, has two music frames.
Flow number four; “The Single Framed Tune”, has only one music frame.

If I change the order of flows, so that “The Two Framed Song” and “The Single Framed Tune” switches places, the frame formatting/setup stays in the same flow “slot”, so now “The Single Framed Tune”, being the new flow no three, has two music frames, and “The Two Framed Song” has only one.

(This is possible to fix in Engrave -> Pages, swap with previous/next.)

Is there is a reason for this - from my point of view - slightly odd behaviour that I am missing, or will it be possible to rearrange order of flows with altered frame setups intact in the future? (Meaning; without going to Engrave and swapping page layouts)

All the best!

The frames are bound to the pages, not to flows.
So when you arrange frames on a page accourding to you current flow order and change the order of flows later, you will have to redo your frames.

I think what you’re perhaps missing is that by using separate frames for Codas you’re employing a workaround that’s likely to have unintended consequences (though there’s probably no better way to do this at the moment.)

Altered frame settings are layout dependent, not flow dependent. They are attached to individual pages of a Layout.