unexpected change/deletion of track end markers

Using WaveLab8.5, I did some rendering using the Batch processor. I had 4 files to render. On the rendering files I found strange that regarding the CD track markers, either the last CD marker (i.e. the CD track end marker) disappeared or was change into a CD track splice marker? Strange isn’t it? I had already the same hiccup using WaveLab8 a few month ago…
So I had either to add by hand a CD track end marker at the EOF or replace the splice marker by an end marker, it’s a pain really! Fortunately it had only 4 files in this batch!

I don’t see what could cause this. Are you rendering wav or audio montages?
Is this something you can reproduce?


I am rendering wav files, each having between 1 and a maximum of 10 CD track splice markers. I as said I had already the same problem with WaveLab8 a few month ago… It is like if the CD track end marker disappearing from the first wav file is by miracle added to the second wave file end marker to change into a CD splice splice marker !
I can do a test again tomorrow to see what happening, but you know I am pretty sure of the outcome…

If you have a reproducable case, I would be happy to get the file.