Unexpected changes in Key Editor/Logical Editor functions from CB Pro 11 to 12

I keep tripping over these things, maybe I’m missing something or there’s a setting I need to change:

  1. In CB11 Key Editor I could click the little stack of pages icon to toggle whether I was editing all or only the active part. And the entire stack of pages appeared highlighted or not. In CB12, it seems that when I click the pages I get a menu in which I have to choose which editing mode I’m in. And the page highlight isn’t near as obvious.

  2. In the CB11 Key Editor right-click menu, I could see a list of my logical editor presets and apply one by selecting it from the list. In CB12 that menu shows me a “Logical Editor” entry only from which I have to choose "Apply Preset…"THEN pick a preset from the window that opens showing the preset folders and subfolders (I know they’re in Documents now), THEN click “Apply Preset”, and then close the window. Any way to streamline this?


You can assign Key commands to the presets. It you can go the menu. Or you can keep the window open and search for the presets within the window.

Thanks Martin. I did assign a shortcut key to the All/Active part toggle, so that helped there, tho it’s one more key combo to remember. It’s hard to fathom a change to the presets workflow that adds so many clicks and menu picks to what was a very efficient process.