Unexpected Clef

Hi all,

I’m getting an unexpected tenor clef appearing automatically in a cello part at the start of a divisi a 2.

There has been a previous divisi in which I used the tenor clef but when I returned to unison I swapped back to bass clef.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the events in question. I’ve deleted most of the music between them. The unexpected clef is in the fifth bar.

Here’s a Dorico file
RT problem.dorico.zip (612 KB)
Is there a reason for this happening, or is it a bug? I’m having trouble working round it. I can put a bass clef in by hand, but I can’t hide it. If I make it invisible the music goes back to the tenor clef.

The second staff needs its own clef changes from one divisi passage to the next, even when it’s invisible in the meantime. It’s actually still there during the unison, but invisible. The solution is to place a bass clef in the second staff precisely at the beginning of the unison, i.e. where the second staff becomes invisible in Galley view (rehearsal letter L in your file). You’ll have to enter the clef somewhere inside the divisi section (where staff 2 is visible), and nudge it into position by alt-arrow right/left. It will be invisible there, so hard to find back unless you displace or remove the unison signpost, but it will work for the next divisi.

Thanks Piotr, that worked!