Unexpected "disk overload" dialog showing up after exporting


The crashes have been fixed however there is a new problem now. Instead of crashing, Nuendo now gives the pop-up “a disk overload occurred during the export!” and I have to do the export again.

Please advise. Disk overload shouldn’t be a thing when doing offline bounces if my understanding is correct.

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So, this problem is now actually way more frequent than it was earlier. It is happening on nearly every single export. Can anyone confirm? There is no way for me to share a crash dump file since there’s no crash…

Does this message always come around the same time? (Always after a minute, always at the end, something like that.) Or at different times? Are you using network drives? Or a local SSD?

Local SSD. And yes, it roughly comes at the same time - about a minute or two into the mixdown.

If I were just working on songs I would sort of be ok to live with it till it gets fixed in another maintenance update/hotfix, unfortunately the project I’m working on is an episodic series where my mixdowns are about 40 minutes long each haha…

Bump. Still experiencing this on a daily basis.

@Admin/Mods - do we have a timeline for a hotfix for this, please? It is quite unworkable when dealing with large episode-length exports.

@keshav Windows or MacOS? What audio format are you exporting to? Does this happen with one particular type of project or does it happen on all projects? Is there plenty of free space on the SSD in question? What plugins are being used in the project?

If you could supply a screenshot of the Mixer and Export Audio Mixdown windows it might be helpful.

Same message got here in different setups (all Macs).

Is it an actual problem or a mere occurrence?
I have had that over a number of N versions, but it was not tearing anything up…

It keeps for me also with last update version. It happens sometimes, but I can’t find the way it works.

I’ve started getting that as well.

FYI this is still happening quite frequently.

If I accidentally click anywhere within the Nuendo GUI during an export, it’s guaranteed that this error will occur within a few seconds.

I have tried trashing prefs, nothing seems to be helping.

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