"Unexpected Error"


I’m trying to use “Channel Batch Export” and this is the error message that I get. I have the locators set correctly. I have cleared the data folder. I am saving to a dedicated folder on a secondary HD.

It’s odd because it’s only happening for one project that I’m working on. I have no problems with other files that I’m working on but I can say that I can’t do a “complete” export of all the tracks I want - some will export and some won’t. For instance, I can export Snare, Kik, Tom 1, Tom 2 but Tom 3 refuses to be exported.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I’m not exporting in real time.

I should also add that I’ve tried real time as well. I’ve removed all plug-ins, automation, eq and MIDI tracks etc.

Sometimes a quick fix to strange results can be achieved by doing a backup project (save project to new folder C4) and using the new project directory.