Unexpected marquee selection

After editing a bit of staff or system text, when I click outside the text area all of a sudden there’s a marquee selection between the text item and where I clicked. Also there are some other moments where marquee selections unexpecteddly pop up, if I am able to pinpoint a specific situation I’ll put an update here.
(Using an Apple Magic Trackpad)

Yes, this will happen from time to time. It’s caused by the (hopefully helpful) change we have made in Dorico 4 to leave newly-created text items selected after you finish editing them. But because of the slightly awkward way we have to commit the text item and then re-select it, it’s possible to sneak in a mouse click between those two things happening, and the mouse-up can be swallowed up, leaving Dorico thinking that you’re making a marquee selection. It’s tricky to fix but it’s on the (long) list.