unexpected messa di voce Keyb shortcut

While taking some time write down some free Keyb Shortcuts
I fell on
that I cannot find in the shortcuts editor or probably do not know how to give the right wording to the search box

Its effect is to split a regular hairpin in a messa di voce.
could not find anything in the help file

anyone has more info?


PS: my keyboard layout is SwissFrench and using the default in keyboard language

For me, Shift-Alt-< does indeed create a messa di voce, and Shift-Alt-< creates its opposite (this: ><). Those key commands are not customizable.

On my keyboard (English), the < and > require a Shift modifier.

I use it from time to time. I don’t think the functionality is specific to any one keyboard layout.

thanks Dan
here cresh is <
decresh shift+<
messa di voce alt+<
inverted messa di voce shift+alt+<