Unexpected pitch shift

Hi! I’ve had a bunch of problems with my Cubase AI. And the most recent and devastating one popped up when I went back to a “completed” project that was only a couple hours old. I did that to export a new audio mixdown without some tracks so I could have them as backing tracks. However, when I played it, the WHOLE PROJECT HAD PITCH SHIFTED TWO STEPS DOWN! How does that even happen? Have I done something wrong? I recorded this in the key of A and when I play it now it comes out as G. Very frustrated as I have just had to go through other problems, solved them and then proceeded to double them in the span of MINUTES. Please help. I’m desperate.

It seems that whatever happened had no effect on any exported files as they sound normal.

There seems to be a connection to the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO audio driver I use for my UR22C audio interface.

Does anyone have any suggestions for audio drivers compatible with the UR22C audio interface that DOESN’T pitch shift projects in Cubase AI 9.5?


Make sure the Sample Rate of your project and the Audio Device matches (and did match before). If you switch from 48 to 44.1kHz, it sounds approx. 2 semitones lower.

Yep. That did it. I had changed it myself. Glad to see that the only problem was me.

Thank You Very Much!