unexpected result with 'forced note value'

I wanted to enter a ‘tied forced dotted quarter note’ -> see screenshot 1, but I didn’t get the desired result -> see screenshot 2

Did I do anything wrong? - honestly I don’t think so…how do I get a dotted quarter note instead of a quarter note tied to an eighth note???

maybe it gets overruled without this setting (?)

oh that’s great thanx a lot…BUT that means that I can only have an ‘over-all’ rule for handling this problem.

to make it short: as a musician there is a slight difference between PLAYING a dotted quarter or a quarter tight to an eight note and I would like to have the possibility to change that from bar to bar whenever I want it…
The trick would be to use a slur in place of a tie - which wouldn’t be so nice for the playback…hmmmm

The answer is obviously “yes”, but since you didn’t tell us WHAT you did, we have to guess what you did wrong!

I would guess you didn’t realize that you have to select “force duration” for ALL the notes in the tie, not just the ones that you don’t want Dorico to change.

If you really want to write something like this, you can …
extreme ties.png

Hey Rob,
PERFECT…you are completely right !! If I choose ‘force duration’ for ALL notes within the tie, it works perfectly as it should :slight_smile:
thanx so much !!!

I interpreted your concern as if you wanted to change only the last part of the tie chain… In that case I had to untie (U) the chain, select the last bit and make it dotted using Force Duration. When I wanted to retie the last bit, I had to make sure the last (FD) note was not selected together with the others, as that would toggle the FD state of the last note and reinstate the tied over quarter note … oh well :slight_smile:

Hey Fratveno…Rob’s solution really works well :slight_smile: You should give it a try

Sure, I was merely talking about changing…


You are right, I wanted to do it like you did it and the way it works -although you only want to change the last part of the tie chain- is the way Rob described it.
Although it’s only about the last part/last note of the tie chain, you have to ‘force note duration’ for every single note of the tie chain (not only for the last one) and then it works.
A bit like a detour but the fastest way to handle this problem.

This post should be required reading for all Dorico users, so they can understand the nuanced different techniques of using forced duration and tie chains as explained by Rob and Frank (fratveno)! Thanks gentlemen!