unexpected solution for drop out that i found


I was suffering from random drop outs of my UR12.

to long story short, when i remove my old second hdmi monitor, no drop outs at all!

dont know why. i didnt test with different monitor out there. maybe my monitor was too old. anybody like me?

intel xeon e5-2643 dual
asus z10pa-d8
64gb ram
gtx1080 (usual suspect) with one DVI(not HDMI) monitor

interesting, I run multi-monitors as well. I have a UR824, and although I don’t experience drop outs - I experience distortion every once in a while… it’s lame.

playback and everything will be fine, then the next time I play the track - distortion. If i play a song outside of cubase (like an mp3 or something) the sound is normal - and upon returning to cubase the sound has settled back to be normal (non-distorted) as well… latency adjustements don’t seem to do anything for it… although if it’s distorted, and I go in the latency adjustment window and make “any” change, upon returning to cubase it’s fine. and that’s the crux - you have to fiddle with something to get the sound back to non-distorted. waiting any amount of time will not return the cubase output to non-distorted.

If I ran a professional studio, I would be embarassed to have that run in front of clients - oops it’s distorted - let me quickly jiggle this mp3 outside of cubase, and then go back in to keep working… gives the whole thing a very unprofessional feel.

did you experience any of that kinda of issue?

I have a separate thread about distortion on the ur824. where i’ve detailed more about the DAW setup, etc.