unexpected tax at update purchase checkout

I was all set to buy the update, but when I clicked through to check out, a mysterious tax appeared. Not the VAT which is incorporated in the €59.99 price, but something additional; 6.25% … O, I see, just re-checking: €59.99 is the price I’m quoted, but when I click through, I’ve been converted to US$. Anyway, there’s a glitch.

Browser: Chrome. Country: Ireland.

Please raise a ticket with our online shop team. I’m afraid I’m not well-versed enough in the intricacies of international VAT to be able to help answer this question. You can raise a ticket with them here.

OK Daniel, will do.

Could I ask where did you see the €59.99 price? on the web store or in-app?

If you are in the U.S. your state may insist on the tax. Mine did.

Hmmmm… my upgrade (I’m in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA) was $59.99. There was added 7% ($4.20) as Vat/sales tax. 7% is the Pittsburgh sales tax. The US recently started collecting sales tax on internet musical orders (sob!), so I assume that is what’s happening.

Why the OP in Ireland was converted to US currency is another matter!


My 6% tax was just labeled “Tax” rather than anything to do with VAT.

My initial email (with my activation code) said “7% tax”. I also received a pdf from Nexway that said “Vat/Salestax”.

Time to get back to enjoying Dorico 3.5! :smiley: