Unexpected tie behaviour with chords - andhow to delete tie

Ties with chords_161023.PNG
Building a chord that is an eighth note tied to a quarter note, I enter the first note (with chord mode invoked) and t to create the tie, then when I enter the next note of the chord, it ties backwards to a previous entry.

That brings me to the next question - how do you delete a tie?



So the answer to the first question is to press “t” after you have entered the last note of the chord, not after entering the first note of the chord.

You can’t currently delete ties in a direct fashion: we are planning to add a scissors tool to make this possible as soon as we can (which would split any note, tied or otherwise, into two parts at the rhythmic position at which you click). For the time being, you have to basically shorten the note/chord by selecting it and choosing the new duration.

Thanks Daniel - I understand the shortening of notes, but couldn’t see how to deal with the ties that appeared in the attached.
Ties with chords_161023.PNG

In that specific case, in the absence of the ability to split a tied note, you’d have to delete the destination note and re-enter it again. I know it’s not ideal.

Thanks Daniel - I’ll do that.