Unexpected VariAudio behaviour in sample editor

Issue exists in Cubase 11, 10.5, and 10 (may also exist in earlier but I no longer have < 10 installed).

To reproduce:

  1. Record more than 2 takes of audio in cycle mode.
  2. Move each take to its own newly-created audio track.
  3. Open the sample editor for the last one of the audio clips (take 10 in the screenshot) and activate VariAudio.
  4. Select all note events in the audio clip and change ‘Quantise Pitch’ value to ‘100’ in the left-hand inspector, either by clicking and dragging the slider or using the mouse wheel to change the value.

Screenshot: Shows looped recording takes on their own audio tracks and VariAudio applied.

Expected: Events should remain selected for further editing (such as being able to change ‘Straighten Curve’ value)
Actual: Events become unselected meaning that any subsequent value edits need the events reselecting.

Annoyingly this behaviour happens on mouse wheel events, so if you were to use the mouse wheel to change the ‘Quantise Pitch’ value, it would shift by 2% then instantly deselect all events.

This behaviour happens to all but the first take in the looped recording. I believe that the first take exhibits the correct behaviour, whereby changing a value (‘Quantise Pitch’, ‘Straighten Curve’ etc) keeps the events selected.

As an addendum - the solo button in the sample editor works incorrectly under these conditions too. Opening a new take with the solo button already active plays all takes simultaneously. In order to hear only the take open in sample editor you need to unsolo then resolo.