Unexpectedly loving the Sampler track

It’s not perfect, and there’s still a few bugs to be ironed out, but I’m finding myself unexpectedly loving the new Sampler track.
When it was announced I was kinda ‘Meh’…I didn’t think I’d ever use it, but it’s bailed me out in a couple of instances since I started using Cubase 9.
First time was a Bass guitar track that I’d recorded on a song, a new coda was added after mixing had started. I thought I would have to record a new bit, match up all the setting etc. Instead I just dropped a Bass note into the sampler track and drew in the new bit with midi. It was done in about 2 minutes.
In the same song, a Nylon string guitar solo was sounding great, but there was one sloppy/bum note at a crucial point. I just did the same thing, dropped in an existing note and replaced using Midi and the sampler track. Adjusted the volume and it sits perfectly. I’m really pleased. I can see this being used on every session now.

Indeed, it might not (yet) be an EDM producer’s dream, but it certainly simplifies this type of workflow which would previously have had to be done using surgical edits either in the arrange page or an external wave editor.

Same here. I love the simplicity. Steinberg definitly made the right choice not to just include another VSTi sampler, but a separate kind of track. It’s so easy to work with.

Also the fact that I can easily load into HALion if I want to… Good work on this!

yeah its great just need it to be able to load a selected event/region rather than the whole take then manually setting locators then it will be awesome