Unexplainable CPU Spikes

Hi All,

Over the last few weeks i have noticed Cubase has started spiking more and more and i cannot understand why.
Im running Cubase 13
On Windows 11 Home
AMD Ryzen 9 5900x 12- Core processor
64GB gb ram

After hardly ever needing to look at my Audio Performance, over the last few weeks i have been looking at way too often.
I started getting bad spikes during a large mixing session - I found that Soothe 2 was the culprit and managed to bounce down a bunch of them to get things under control. Which seemed to really help.
However now its starting to spike from a few Serums running and im having to freeze those all the time too. Where as before i could run many of them with no problem.

Is there anything i should be checking for? I know i had a Windows Update somewhat recently, but not certain it started before or after the update.

Any ideas on what i should look into?