Unexplained high latency with Kontakt

I’m suddenly getting huge latency on Kontakt tracks (>100 ms.) I’ve got different instruments from different libraries loaded, but somehow they’re all showing the same problem.

I’ve eliminated a couple of possible causes:

1.) MIDI I/O is good (loop back to keyboard: no latency)
2.) Buffer size/audio driver is good (The Spitfire BBC plugin is responding with normal latency in the same project.)

I looked through all the Kontakt settings (Kontakt 6.3.1 full) and don’t see anything weird.

Anyone seen anything like this?

Is there not any other effect that cause it? What is the delay showing in the mixer?

You called it. It turns out it was Slate VTM. That plugin introduces a whopping 1882 samples of latency. Had it on individual channels and a bus so latency was really adding up.

I tried to check for that by bypassing inserts, but apparently that doesn’t cancel the latency.

Kontakt vs. Spitfire was a red herring.