unexplained rests around cue


I have this bassoon cue in my wind qtet, and various rests seem to have appeared in the preceding bars. I can’t seem to locate a second voice…any ideas where these rests might be coming from?


Where do you start and stop your cue range/marquee. Cues do not have to consist of whole measures, which is what appears to have happened.

I’m not sure they’re actually part of the cue…I delete the cue and some go away, some don’t.

Can you show a screenshot of the measures where the cue marquee shows up?

Also, have you tried Edit > Remove Rests on those measures in Write Mode (perhaps on a copy of your file for safety’s sake)?

There’s a screenshot included in the OP – see the little rests floating around? The cue doesn’t seem to exist except for beat four of that bar and beat one of the following, but there are these rests that popped up. Edit–remove rests got rid of one of them but not all.

Added another example, showing the weird rests two bars before the cue actually begins.

I think we’ll need to see the project itself to be able to diagnose this, ashert. Could you possibly cut down the project to a minimal section that shows the problem, and then attach it here? You may also find that doing Play > Playback Template after cutting out the unneeded flows, players and bars further reduces the size of the file to make sure it’ll be small enough to attach here.

Trying to attach but the system rejects .dorico files…what’s the procedure here?

Add “.zip” to the end of the file name.

Has this been resolved? I am facing a similar problem. The exact same cue causes the 3rd and 4th horn to show redundant rests while all other instruments handle the cue perfectly well.


Can you attach your project, or at a cut-down excerpt of the project, so that we can take a look at your specific situation?

Hi, I attached a cut-down excerpt of the project. In the parts, Horns 1.2 work perfectly well. The cues present themselves with no problem whatsoever. Horns 3.4, however, provide me with redundant rests as described above.

DORICO PARTS ISSUE.dorico (758.2 KB)

If you go View > Note and Rest Colors > Implicit rests, you’ll see that all of the bar rests in Horns 3 and 4, from bar 4 onwards, are explicit (black rather than grey).

Select them and hit delete or backspace.

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Thank you so much! This is great! I really appreciate it