Unfilled page

Had 3 systems on page one (justified to fill page) and 1 system on page two.
Decreased inter staff size a bit.
Set Justification to 100% on both items.
Result is 3 systems still on page one with lots space for another system.
I would have thought second page system would move back to page one.

How to accomplish that?

You can use the Make Into Frame command in Engrave mode.

I highlighted all on both pages.
Went to Engrave mode
Clicked on Make into Frame
Nothing changes…

I think you just need to select the first and last object you want in the frame, not the entire contents of what you want in the frame.

I have another “unfilled page” problem.

At the end of a flow, the system fills the page vertically. However, Dorico does not spread the system out horisontally to fill the frame. In other words, the final bar is placed just to the right of the middle of the page, leaving some unused space on the right side of the page.

It should be mentioned that during the Write process, there was quite some kerfuffle concerning adding and deleting bars and heavy reliance on the Trim flow function.

Are there invisible left bars somewhere, that Dorico gives space at the end of the flow?

I answered this in the other place you asked the same question, here.

Thanks Daniel.
Just selecting first and last note worked to Make into Frame.
Not sure why selecting all notes wouldn’t do the same thing.

The team have said a few times now that they’re working on better selection tools for coming updates, so I imagine this might be one of the fixes, though Daniel et al would have a better idea of that.