Unfolding "Final Effects" pane

OK, I give up - I can unfold the Final Effects / Dithering pane in the Master Section, but how do I add more than 2 plugins to that pane - I don’t see a way to expand it past 2. What am I missing??


It’s only two slots by design.

It’s designed to add a true-peak limiter after the Resampler if you’re using the Resampler, and then of course a dither plug-in which you’d want do after all other processing. So, two slots is all there is.

If you need to do anything else, there are many other slots in the normal Effects section, plus with the Audio Montage if you’re using an Audio Montage.

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OK, thanks Justin - seems kinda weird, but knowing I’m not missing anything means I can just use it differently…

thanks again!

It’s really just meant as two bonus slots to manage true peaks and dithering after the Resampler. Anything else can and probably should be done before the Resampler but maybe you can make a case for why more slots are needed in that specific section.

There is also a Playback Processing section for things like metering, room/headphone correction, etc.

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