Unfortunately Cubase started to crash more often...

It results it complete closure of the program. It’s also random. I’d say, every day now. Not even running at full load.

Luckily for me I also developed a habit of saving my progress every 30 seconds.

Just now it crashed when I tried to create a new project. I didn’t even load a single track, just opened up Cubase, tried to create a new project, was choosing a folder for it and… Boom! Gone.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Could you attach a crash dump file, please?

Found the crash dump but can’t attach it, file too big.


Place it to Dropbox or similar service, and send the link here, please.

Just now I was writing a song… Wrote a number of great passages literally within a minute… CRASH!!!

Song gone. Of course it happened during song writing and not mixing or just listening…

Luckily the last (best) take kept playing on the loop even though all I was seeing is white crash screen with crash message, but I was able to run and grab my phone and record the playing melody onto the phone. Too bad about the other ones, they were great too but of course I don’t remember a single note of them… I’m just happy I got the last one.

This crash dump is smaller than the last one (which was over 2 Mb) so here it is.

In the meantime, I set autosave to 3 min interval.

EDIT: it just crashed again. I checked for a new crash dump, there was none. There’s only 2 crashdumps in the folder, actually. I just realized I’m missing several dozen of them from previous crashes. Weird. During crash Cubase simply closed itself/disappears in a second. Bam! and I’m back in Windows.
Cubase 64bit 2019.9.21 (839 KB)

Hello, I just joined this forum while looking for answers on a crash issue am started to experience.

My Cubase AI 10 crashes consistently within a minute of starting, only if I have a MIDI connection to a digital piano (and the piano is physically connected through a cable).

Cubase Version 10.0.40 build 284, running on the latest Windows 10 64-bit and with the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version 1.10.4

The problem started happening after I changed the following:

  • The piano (purchased a new one)
  • Software (I upgraded to the latest build and latest USB driver)

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, there is no MIDI loop, please. Double-check your MIDI connection. If you are sure there is no MIDI loop, attach a crash dump file, please.


I see the crash is from Cubase 10.0.30. Could you try again in the latest Cubase 10.0.40, please? If it’s still crashing, attach the new crash dump file, please.

Updated to .40 version and crashes mysteriously stopped, so far. Appreciate that.

EDIT: I knew I’d jinx it… 30 minutes later after I posted this… my 1st crash with .040. LOL.

No big deal. Just found it funny.