Unfreeze midi track = enable record automatically

When a track is unfrozen, Record is not enabled by default. Can you make that activating automatically ? Many times unfreezing a midi tracks is to edit it, or record a new part, so it makes sense. Thanks

Have you tried making yourself a macro to execute those 2 steps in a row?

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually it is not possible because there is no shortcut assignable to freeze/unfreeze, which has been requested many times by the past. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry - didn’t realize that freeze wasn’t available as a Key Command (haven’t had to use it very often lately). But for projects with tons of tracks that sure would be useful - also, if it could be done with the Project Logical Editor.

p.s. I would have thought that Hans Zimmer would have insisted that Freezing tracks is automatable - but then again he probably has lots of assistants who do that type of work for him :smiley:

Just curious, what are the steps you use the project logical editor to create the shortcut?

Oh yeah the shortcut would be great.

This function is not available, it was a suggestion