Ungroup Dynamics in Engrave Mode

Editing grouped dynamics in Engrave mode can be very fiddly because sometimes the dynamics won’t properly align even after right click- align dynamics has been inputed. My only solution is to go to write mode and ungroup said dynamics. From what I understand, Engrave mode should be able to handle aligning dynamics without having to ungroup them on the score.

It would indeed be helpful if you could ungroup dynamics in Engrave mode, but unfortunately at the moment that’s not possible, because of some technical differences between the data Dorico holds about the selected items between the two modes. This is something we intend to address in future versions.

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I found this function interesting, but it does not seem to work for me.
I tried offsetting some dynamics in Engrave mode, then selecting them and aligning them;

but nothing happened.

Align Dynamics doesn’t work for dynamics between grand staff instruments.

It explains things.
Perhaps a note should be made on

Thanks for the reply, Daniel. Maybe I worded it wrong but my suggestion is that Engrave should treat dynamics without worrying about them being linked or grouped. It also shouldn’t matter if they’re on a grand staff or not in order to align them. Sometimes I have issues aligning dynamics on single staff instruments as well and I’m never sure why.

Is it possible to vertically align or manually move individual dynamics within a group of dynamics? without ungrouping them? This would be preferable to be able to do – I understand the grouping should keep them horizontally aligned, but very often tweaks are needed in the vertical distance from the stave — especially in grand staff instruments.

The main benefit of grouped dynamics is that they all appear at the same vertical position as each other, so if you require different vertical offsets, they should not be in the same group.

Not that I know… And when you move things among a group, it’s never how you want it to be :person_shrugging:
Ungrouping is compulsory I’m afraid. Actually, I don’t like the grouping behavior. I’d very much prefer align. And I know there is “align dynamics” but for some reason, I never have been able to use it as reliably as the aligning through grouping. Am I alone in this or is this something other users stumble upon?

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@Marc - Yes, I feel the same way. The grouping behaviour doesn’t seem to give the results one wants, or what you think it should. Maybe the grouping is good for very small groups like a hairpin with a dynamic at either end. But I’m finding groups that exist over several instruments vertically don’t save time, in fact the opposite. I’ll try using align more instead. I’ve now taken the drastic decision to filter all dynamics in the score and ungroup them all at once, also because having to switch back to write mode to ungroup one by one as i do layout is just too cumbersome.

That is linking. And I agree, it is often more of a nuisance than a helpful feature. There is a Preference to limit the creation of those links, IIRC. And I have turned this off!

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I get along fairly well with the default grouping behavior. You do have to understand some intricacies of how it works so you don’t struggle against it. Grouping for alignment purposes works well for me. Sometimes I have to group or ungroup things manually.

Related: When I do this kind of layout work on big scores, I keep two windows open, one in engrave mode/page view and one in write mode/galley view. No switching modes waiting time.