Unhide piano's bass clef in only one system?

I’ve chosen to hide clefs at the start of systems following the first system (Library/Notation Options/Clefs). This affects all Layouts (piano, bass, guitar, etc.) in a project. I’ve also chosen to hide empty staves (Library/Layout Options/Vertical Spacing), having chosen the Piano layout in the right panel.

In one Project I have a resulting issue in the piano part. It has notation in both staves in the first half, and slash regions with chords in the second half. In the first half, one of the systems is bass clef only (nothing’s going on for a while in the right hand). So there’s only one staff in that system (because the empty treble staff there gets hidden), but no clef on that staff, so the pianist won’t know they should read that system in bass clef. Any way to unhide either that one system’s bass clef or bring back that empty treble staff? I’ve already tried explicit rests in the treble staff at that point, and I can’t figure out a solution that doesn’t affect all the other Layouts…

Can you insert a manual staff change at the system break to show the treble staff?


Thank you, Derrek!! Had no idea that could be done. To expand for my own edification and help other Dorico newbies:
In Write mode, I right-clicked at the system break, then in the contextual menu I selected Manual Staff Visibility and showed all staves, then hid one staff when it got to the slash regions area of my song later on. Thank you again, so much.

If you really wanted to show the bass clef for just that one system to avoid any confusion, while not showing the treble staff, you could add the glyph using system text (shift-x, then right-click, Insert Music Text, choose bass clef) and scale it up (I used 17 points) and reposition it in Engrave Mode as shown in the attachment.

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That’s a great solution as well, thank you!