unified tool selection

Do you know if there’s a way to unify the designation of the active tool between the project area and the editor panel ?

I believe I understand the motivation behind the independant tool selection : something like “our users will now be able to move objects in the project area and get their pencil back when they edit midi notes without any unnecessary clicking!”

In (my) practice however, things are different: every tool has its own key command, that I select without looking the keyboard or consicously think about, like it’s a second nature :

As i understand it, the new tool selection behavior (hence my question), works against this long term habit and fast pace of work (and instinctive tool switching), making it unpleasantly surprising to find the cursor still turned into a tool I thought I already changed :

As a negative side effect, I now have to permanently remember two different informations instead of one, or spend time checking which tool is active, or have to learn to second-click by default on the tool I think everytime I change of screen area.

Sometimes less is more, and if this option is not already available, I’d like the ability to select tools for all Cubase at once. We already have a possible unified selection of tracks betwin project area and mixer, tool selection should follow the same choice.