Unify the Event Display (preferences) in Nuendo and Cubase

I recently saw three posts for “selected event indication”.
Although Nuendo and Cubase are similar at the first glance, there are fundamental differences in the
way how events are displayed
Selected Events - color invertion in Cubase (which I don’t like at all) vs. red outline in Nuendo
Dragging Events - dragged event turns semi-transparent, old position still visibile in Nuendo (not in Nuendo 8.3 anymore)- luckily not availible in Cubase at all (that was the only reason why I moved to Cubase)
In my opinion the cuts in events are barely visible in Nuendo 8. In Nuendo 4 you had a blue outline for the cut, which is gone.
Now you have to mess around with colors a lot in order to make it somehow acceptable. Not the case in Cubase at all.
Strangly enough the preferences for event display in Cubase are very extensive while really limited in Nuendo, which is sold for the triple
price of Cubase. I would expect exactly the opposite.
Just compare here
These differences drive people, who switch from Nuendo to Cubase and vice versa really crazy. At least from what I see in cubase AND nuendo forum.
So why not do both - unify the event display options, but in the way that every display option from both programs is availible and can be changed.

+1 Agreed, and very well put. This solves the problem for all, and it’s maddening not having some of the options that lower-priced Cubase has. In software this expensive, the display options should be the most advanced.


Upgraded to Nuendo with the 40% offer, only to find that matching transients of overlapping events by opaque view is not possible anymore!
I though Nuendo would have all functionality from Cubase and then some……seem the opposite is the case in this matter :frowning:

On another note - if my track is red-ish colored, I can no longer see when a part is selected…Cubase is much better here as well :frowning:

It’s a shame that you can not turn it off. It can be usefull for post-production, but completely counter-productive when editing music. Another minus point for Nuendo!!!

It really has nothing to do with post-production, but is simply personal preference. Pro Tools is the standard for post and you can always see what you’ve selected extremely clearly and also where you’ve cut no matter what color you’ve chosen on it. I do post-production as a part of a lot of my work. I’ve had more than a few comments fro post-production pros I work with who are on PT of “How can you SEE that?” when they’ve been at my studio. We need the preferences/option to be able to always see every selection of any event and any cut for how we work.

So let’s all just stop saying that it’s better for post-production. Sometimes some/many of us can’t see selected events with it as it is, so a choice needs to be available without a single doubt. Some people who have used Nuendo (mostly post-production up until now, perhaps) are used to it and/or like it, which does not translate into meaning it’s better for post.

Please note that I’m not attacking you at all with this! I just want everyone to stop saying that, because it’s simply not true – again, it’s just a personal preference.


Yes, Pleased.
And am I missing something or are in Cubase the Fades on Audio Tracks always visible?
And sometimes the playhead almost disappeared. From a black line surounded by two white lines to only a thin black line.

Another frustrated user here with Nuendo event display…

Switched from Cubase artist 9 to Nuendo 8 recently :frowning:

+1 selected events and fades more visible!