Uninstal and reinstalling Cubase 9

I migrated to a new computer,
In my present version of Cubase 9 I’m missing Halion se, Reverences’ Impulse response file and probably other elements.
I was told to reinstall Cubase 9 from scratch
Can you tell me how to do a detailed uninstall prior to reinstalling

Are we at risk when uninstalling of losing any content ? if so what

Thank you


It seems, you installed only the 1st disc. The 2nd disc contains HALion Sonic SE library and REVerence’s Impulse response files.

You don’t have to uninstall current Cubase. Just install it again from the full installed or install the 2nd disc. If something is installed already, Cubase will not install it again. It will just keep it.

Thank you
I did uninstall C9 and reinstalled it it works with all the elements